Fireworks Houston

Posted: December 30, 2015 in General

Houston is the place to be for New Years! I am wishing you a happy 2016! There will be street closures in Houston due to the firework shows and New Years Eve festivities. So, check out this link for more information…I hope you avoid traffic and have a wonderful new year!


More than a Christmas Tree

Posted: December 21, 2015 in General

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Christmas trees bring so much joy during the holiday season. However, there are many fun facts about Christmas trees. So, did you know?…

  • Recycled trees have been used to make sand and soil erosion barriers and been placed in ponds for fish shelter.
  • Christmas trees remove dust and pollen from the air.
  • An acre of Christmas trees provides for the daily oxygen requirements of 18 people.
  • Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United states since about 1850.
  • The first printed reference to Christmas trees appeared in Germany in 1531.
  • The first decorated Christmas was in Riga, Latvia in 1510.
  • Christmas trees take an average of 7-10 years to mature.
  • 100,000 people are employed in the Christmas tree industry.

Hope you enjoy these fun facts, and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

Christmas is filling our yards and homes. This is a good reminder of the safety tips we should follow as we embrace the holiday season. Lights, warm cozy fires, cords and more can all be hazards. Keep reading to follow some safety tips…

Christmas Tree: If you buy a live tree, be sure to get the freshest as possible. The needles should be firm and the sticks hard to crack. The trunk should still be sticky with resin. Do not place a tree (live or fake) directly next to a fireplace or heat. The tree can’t take the direct heat! Of course, check often to make sure there is adequate water in the tree!

Using the proper outlet for all lights is important. You want your lights to shine, not sparks to fly! Your source of power should come from a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. This type of outlet will shut the circuit down if there is overcurrent. If you don’t have a GFCI outlet, a qualified electrician can permanently install one outdoors for holiday seasons to come. And for fireplace…be sure to clean that fireplace and chimney before you light the fire!

Put cords in low traffic areas. Be sure to tape them down, wrap them together, or somehow anchor them to avoid tripping hazards. Just take the extra time to follow a few safety tips to ensure a safe holiday season for you and your family!

Garage organization is something that most homeowners want, however are overwhelmed with achieving that goal. Well, it is the holiday season which means you are probably digging in your garage for decorations and more! Is your garage organized and function with a system? If so, tell us your tricks. If not, keep reading for some tips:

  1. Side Shelf Unit: Rather than stacking things up in the corners. Buy a shelving unit so items can be placed neatly. This way everything is visible and out of the way of traffic.
  2. Above Head Storage: There is a lot of space above the cars that could be used. There are racks/shelf that can be installed along the ceiling of your garage. The amount of storage will amaze you. It may be harder to get to, so this area is great for items you don’t use often.
  3. Hooks: Hang what you can! Bikes, tools, yard equipment, extension cords, etc. Many things can be placed on hooks (either from the wall or ceiling.) This will free up a lot of space and give your garage a system.
  4. Labeling: Put like items in a storage box. To go the extra mile, you can even buy all matching boxes. Regardless of the storage box…use labels to mark the box. Then face the labels out so you can easily see what is in the box. This will save a lot of time as you are searching for that box of ornaments!
  5. Frequently Used Basket: Have one basket of items that you use often. Keep that basket front and center to avoid making a mess every time you need something from that container!

I hope some of these tips help you or motivate you to get your garage organized. Take before and after pictures, I would love to see what you accomplished!

Happy Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is just days away, and I wanted to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. On behalf of me and Heritage Texas Properties….Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy good company, great food, and create many memories!



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The weather is getting cooler. The blankets are coming out. However, we are not the only ones cooling off. Animals are also wanting “blankets!” Birds, squirrels and other animals are in nesting season to prepare for the winter.

They are busy gathering leaves and pine needles to make their home for the winter. Do not let your home be a place that they nest! They find openings and get into your attic or garage. They love the insulation in attics, it provides a warm home for them. So, protect your home from the nesting!

Walk the perimeter of your home. Check for any opening in your soffit vents or spacing between boards. Seal up any openings to prevent animals from squeezing through!

The garage is pretty hard to fully close off, but just be aware of nesting signs. Do you notice any leaves or debris in your garage? Do you see any tracks? Do you notice anything shifted around? A professional can remove animal nests safely. These are some tips to protect your home this winter!

Halloween Houston

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Do you have Halloween plans? If not, this is the post for you! Houston is booming during Halloween. There is something for everyone. Be safe, have fun, and make Halloween 2015 memorable as you enjoy what Houston has to offer…

OCT. 31, 2015

Howl at the moon while you bask in Houston’s ultimate Halloween party for kids.  Let the ghoul times roll as you boogie to the hauntingly hip tunes of DJ Zin during Moe’s Monster Mash Bash.  The event will feature Glow in the Dark Slime Making (4 – 8 p.m.), Thriller Dance (4 p.m.) and trick-or-treating from 4 to 8 p.m. on Oct. 31!  Be sure to come dressed in your most boo-tiful or frightfully freaky monster costume and catch a late night flick at the Monster Drive-In (7 p.m.)!

OCT. 31, 4 P.M. Monsters’ Museum of Houston:

Transform into a zombie as you learn this classic dance and discovery the mystery behind thriller nights!

Houston Ghost Tour
Ongoing on Bayou
Houston Ghost Tour gives a great tour in the urban Hermann Park that recalls the history of the civil war cemetery that once laid underneath the park. Or the story of an Opera singer who died in Miller Outdoor Theater. There is an all ages and R-rated tour offered as well as a tour in Old Town Spring – north of downtown.

Halloween Fright Night in the Heights
Oct. 31
Leave your hearse behind and let us cart you to six of your favorite Heights haunts for Fright Night in the Heights: Big Star Bar, D&T Drive Inn, Johnny’s Gold Brick, Lei Low Bar, Southern Goods, and Town In City Brewing Company.