About This Blog…

Welcome to Scott Landreth’s Houston Housing Wire! 

My purpose is to provide you with both general insights into the Houston real estate market as well as analysis of specific markets within it. I aim to take an unvarnished statistical look at neighborhoods, zip codes, price ranges, new v. resale, trends, absorption rates and a whole host of other statistics.  The information should give you a sense of perspective helping you make better decisions about Houston real estate whether you are buying or selling. Over the years, I have found that knowledgeable clients are the best clients. They proceed with confidence and they are happy with their decisions. Hopefully, the same can happen for you.

Houston is a huge city and I can’t cover all of it. I have focussed on the west side – for now. I will surely extend the coverage in the future, but not until I’ve developed a routine and perfected some formats. If I’m missing something or you want to know about a specific area, don’t hesitate to submit a comment. I will get back to you as soon as I can. You might also get the occasional restaurant review mixed in with all the facts and figures as restaurants are a weakness of mine. It is my blog after all and a little diversion never killed anybody. Finally, if you need a real estate agent to help you buy or sell, please give me a call. I will be happy to help you.   Check in from time to time and never hesitate to contact me directly.  Thanks for coming!  Scott    slandreth@heritagetexas.com