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Posted: November 9, 2015 in General
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The weather is getting cooler. The blankets are coming out. However, we are not the only ones cooling off. Animals are also wanting “blankets!” Birds, squirrels and other animals are in nesting season to prepare for the winter.

They are busy gathering leaves and pine needles to make their home for the winter. Do not let your home be a place that they nest! They find openings and get into your attic or garage. They love the insulation in attics, it provides a warm home for them. So, protect your home from the nesting!

Walk the perimeter of your home. Check for any opening in your soffit vents or spacing between boards. Seal up any openings to prevent animals from squeezing through!

The garage is pretty hard to fully close off, but just be aware of nesting signs. Do you notice any leaves or debris in your garage? Do you see any tracks? Do you notice anything shifted around? A professional can remove animal nests safely. These are some tips to protect your home this winter!